Scent marketing  have a great power over our emotions. With its vision and passion for perfume, Parfum en Scène awakens the sense of smell and brings a new sensory and emotional dimension to brand strategy, brand events, and to public, artistic or cultural spaces. Parfum en Scène exists to enrich brand identity and customer experience.

Scent marketing is the result of a sensory composition, an artistic identity, an enchanting story … of a brand, a public or private space, an artwork.

The Parfum en Scène workshop creates and develops perfumes, scented products and scenographies to tell those stories and make the world a more beautiful place.

The spirit

All our perfumes are created exclusively in France, in Paris, the world capital of luxury and creation.

We work in an authentic way using the best French heritage as well as contemporary savoir-faire and knowledge, promoting craft, traditions and beautiful raw materials.

Scent marketing
Scent marketing
The designer

Following her childhood dream, Clémence Besse specialized in Perfume creation and entered the leading Perfume creation school ISPICA, founded by the Guerlain family in Versailles. Her experience of the luxury scent world includes over 6 years in the L’Oreal group as a fragrance development manager for several luxury brands (Lancôme, Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm)
Since 2012 she creates perfumes for Parfum en Scène.


Perfumes are activators of emotions.
Our logo symbolizes the physical path of the scented molecules crossing the space from their source to the nose, thus arousing emotions… The scented emotions’ path!